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Adrian Walmsley formed the legal firm A R Walmsley & Co in 1971 and began practising at Castle Hill. A branch office was set up in Windsor in 1975. From 1978 the practice was conducted solely from Windsor.

The firm has provided timely, accurate and cost effective legal services and advice to its clients for a period of over 30 years. During this time a great deal of local knowledge and specific experience has been gained. It is often invaluable to draw on knowledge of the many actions in which the firm has been engaged from an historical perspective, to better enable current consideration and advice.

Adrian is well known as the consummate all-rounder who can deal with most legal issues. The firm has grown over the years and Adrian is now backed by a young and agile team who have demonstrated proficiency in diverse areas of the law. The younger members of the firm all share a very high ethical approach consistent with that of the principal and are focussed on practical solutions for clients.

At A R Walmsley & Co we also recognise that not all matters require the attention of a solicitor. Our clients may simply need documents witnessed or certified. To that end the team includes two Justices of the Peace who can attend to your needs in this regard, as they arise.

The firm is confident of the services it offers to its clients. All clients are treated with the same degree of respect and attention. Our team brings expertise, enthusiasm and accessibility to its clients. Our aim with this site has been to provide you with an interactive experience designed to expand and demystify your experience with the law. You will not only find details of our legal experience but also plain speaking articles of interest in various fields of the law. We invite you to browse through our site. Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you in your legal matter.

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