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In its approach to legal issues the team at A R Walmsley & Co first focuses on the issue and then identifies solutions based on legal expertise, practical knowledge, and, if appropriate, a local understanding. No matter what the area of law, the practice is grounded in helping people.

At A R Walmsley the solicitor or conveyancer with whom you have your initial consultation, is generally the one who will assist you with your matter. If you need assistance in one area of the law today, you may return to the firm with a different issue and be assured of the same service, delivered by the solicitor best suited to deal with it. We value your trust and seek to return it with the service you deserve.

We believe that our personal approach is essential because the solution to most legal issues in NOT found in the courtroom. Going to court is one of life's most traumatic experiences and, to make matters worse, there is no assured outcome - "the principle of the thing" often means nothing at law.

Consequently, when the matter is potentially litigious, we encourage our clients to resolve problems through negotiation, mediation and settlement. We will not encourage you to engage in long legal battles if the matter can be negotiated. We will not charge you exhorbitant fees for work undertaken. We WILL endeavour to meet your expectations first time, every time.

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