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The Property team at A R Walmsley & Co consists of a Solicitor, a Conveyancer and a Legal Clerk. The team deals with a variety of property matters including buying, selling, family transfers, mortgages, compulsory acquisition and leasing. The aim of the team is to make your transaction as pleasant and stress-free as possible while attending to the necessities to ensure your protection at all times.


This is the legal document which evidences the sale/purchase agreement. On exchange of this document, both you and the purchaser are bound to its terms.


  • Zoning certificate under Section 149 of the Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979;
  • Drainage diagram (where the property is connected to the sewer) which shows the position of the sewer line;
  • Title search of the property, which indicates any notations on the title, and a deposited plan. Should your property be subject to any easements, restrictions or convenants, copies of these must be included in your contract;
  • Home Owners Warranty certificate if the dwelling is less than seven years old;
  • Other documents may be required depending on the property.

As a vendor, you are obliged by law to comply with NSW disclosure regulations. Any person selling residential property in this State must have a Contract of Sale prepared, complete with all the necessary disclosure documents which comply with the requirements of the law. It is illegal for a real estate agent to advertise and sell your property without a complete contract containing all relevant documents. Failure to comply could involve both vendor and agent being the subject of penalties up to $4,000.

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