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Environment and planning law is a highly specialised and dynamic area of the law in which state planning systems operate within a complex legal and policy framework. The complexities of this area of the law, and the particular knowledge and proficiency required to competently practice in this area cannot be overstated.

Having advised government and commercial clients on planning law for over 30 years has provided our team with vast experience and expertise. Our team keeps abreast of development in law and policy so that our clients can be assured that they are receiving relevant and up to date advice. We have advised government and commercial clients on planning law and represented clients in planning appeals, panel hearings, civil enforcement and criminal proceedings. We have experience in advising and defending clients who have been prosecuted for environmental offences, issued with pollution abatement notices, served clean-up notices, and in land & environment court appeals. The team is regularly in the Land and Enviroment Court.

Our team also has a strong local government focus having represented Hawkesbury City Council for many years. As such it is cognisant of the political, economic and social environments in which they operate. A R Walmsley & Co is equipped with the experience and knowledge to provide competent and reliable advice in all matters relation to Local Court and Environment and Planning Law.

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