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At A R Walmsley & Co we understand that all of us want to do the right thing by those who are dearest to us, both during our own lifetimes and after our passing. Preparing a Will is the best way of ensuring that our family members are properly provided for.

Our team recognises that a person's affairs are not always straight forward and that we may, from time to time, be presented with situations which call for foresight and strategic planning. When this does not happen families may become embroiled in conflict after the death of a loved one. It is therefore important that you seek objective and pragmatic advice so that you may make informed decisions when is comes to your estate to avoid contested wills.

Our solicitors have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of estate planning, from making your Will and recording your wishes to preparing powers of attorney, guardianships, applictions for probate and estate administrations to will disputes. Our aim is to assess the relevant issues and provide you will real and practical advice on the legal avenues open to you.

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