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At A R Walmsley & Co we understand that Family Law issues can be more complex and senstitive than other areas of the law and need to be approached and managed with diligence and care, but also with compassion and understanding. Our aim is to protect our client's rights while providing the type of service that willenable them to move on from this often stressful and taumatic period of their lives.

Our approach to the resolution of disputes is to focus on primary dispute resolution. Recent changes to the law have emphasised joint parental responsibilty for separating couples who have children. Our team of experienced family lawyers will provide you with comprehensice advice, not only about your rights, but also about your obligations.

There is now just one ground for divorce under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) - the irretrievable breakdown of marriage, evidenced by 12 months separation between the parties of the marriage.

This is not always as simple as first glance would seem. Often questions arise about co-habitation; that is, living under the same roof while separated. The situation may be further complicated when there are children of the marriage, and the paperwork can be extensive and thus daunting.

The team at A R Walmsley has a thorough knowledge of Family Law and and can equip you with the real and functional advice to enable you to settle issues between you and your partner on such family issues as;

  • divorce
  • parenting orders
  • property claims and settlements
  • defacto and same sex separation and property issues
  • spousal maintenance
  • child support
  • intervention orders
  • financial and pre-nuptial agreements
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