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The Property team at A R Walmsley & Co deals with various property matters including buying and selling, compulsory acquisitions and commercial leasing. No matter whether you are a tenant or a landlord it is important for you to fully understand what is it you are signing. It is vital that the lease is clear as to rights and responsibilities regarding the property. One thing that is often not considered when contemplating a lease is Council consent for use. A lessee should not assume that lease or purchase of a property implies existing use rights, nor that future approvals are a given. Proper legal advice should be sought in order to ensure that Council has given consent and that an action cannot be brought for such things as injunctive relief.

There is a cross-relationship between Local Government Law and Property. The solicitors at A R Walmsley & Co understand both facets of the law thoroughly and possess demonstrated expertise in these areas.

In the unfortunate event that you become involved in a dispute over property, whether as a purchaser or vendor, a lessee or a lessor, it is important that you received swift and cost-effective advice to mitigate the damage. Advice has covered such legal issues as;

  • transactions where either party in unwilling or unable to complete
  • transactions where material information has not been provided prior to settlement
  • home owners who own a property jointly and wish to separate their interests
  • entitlement or deprivation of right-of way or use easements
  • removal or issue of caveats over a property
  • claims by clients who have contributed to the purchase price but are not on the registered title
  • developments where the vendor has failed to perform contract ural obligationsleasing disputes
  • applications against mortgages or lenders
  • transfer of titles from one family member to another.

The experienced team at A R Walmsley & Co will assess the situation and provide you with prompt, pragmatic and cost-effective advice about your options and ways to resolving the problem.

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